The Web3, DeFi crypto wallet built for you

With B58 you can collect, earn, send, and participate in our growing digital world.

Where you can be part of a decentralized financial world. In place where you're welcome on B58 Wallet, and have control of your finances.

Get access to global payments where transactions are borderless and low fees using it with friends and family or your business.

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Never has DeFi been so easy


B58 Wallet is built for everyone, whether you're an expert or a beginner


Features included in B58 Wallet are innovative and intuitive


B58 Wallet is built for everyone, whether you're an expert or a beginner

B58 Wallet Chrome Extension

Personalized QR Card that allows you to express yourself by the selection of themes available.

Savings account ready and easy to use, where you earn rewards and can claim them every 5 days or build your retirement plan with it.

Collectible library where you can view all of your NFT & Tokens in one place.

Cardano native tokens can be transacted through the B58 Wallet.

The B58 Mission

Our mission is to delivery the Next-Generation of Cardano wallets to you.

With an easy and secure on-boarding process, that guides you to every important part of B58.

We're also commited to build features that the Cardano Community needs.

B58 Wallet App Home

We are the Team building it for you

Francis Luz


More than 20 years of experience in Software Development, working in projects in Africa, Americas and Europe.

Francis Luz GitHubFrancis Luz LinkedIn

Flavio Rasseli


More than 20 years of experience in Backend Development, working in Enterprise tools for Manufacturing and Financial.

Flavio Rasseli GitHubFlavio Rasseli LinkedIn

Gabriel Guarnieri


More than 11 years of experience in Software Development and Mobile specialist delivering cross-platform solutions.

Gabriel Guarnieri GitHubGabriel Guarnieri LinkedIn

Nicholas Echols


UX Designer with a background in Motion Design and Graphic Design, and Crypto enthusiast.

Nicholas Echols GitHubNicholas Echols LinkedIn